“You fulfil an important task for the client”

In Janary 2017 Dutch Roamler Dennie started with Roamler and reached level 2 in 2 days. Since that time he performs about 30 tasks per month and earns some extra pocket money with that. “Money can literally be found on the street,” he states a few times in the conversation, and he shares different experiences with performing Roamler tasks.

What is your reason to perform Roamler tasks?

The main reason to perform tasks is to earn some extra money. I also believe Roamler is an important company for the clients. The clients spend a lot of money on advertising and there are agreements on the promotions. If those agreements aren’t met, it’s going to cost the client a lot of money. That’s the beauty of Roamler; Roamler has a network to check how the promotions are executed in store.

I value honesty and believe people should always keep their promises, for instance on promotions. I often tell other Roamlers to be aware of the importance of their job to Roamler clients.

Know that you fulfil an important task for one of the brands you like or buy. You save them money and help them deliver a better experience to shoppers.

Roamler DennieHow do you perform tasks?

There are some stores I visit regularly for Roamler. It has happened that members of staff recognise me; ‘It’s that Roamler again!’. That is always nice to hear. I have only had one negative experience in a store, where they weren’t happy about what I had come to do.

In about 2% of the tasks I perform, I am approached by a member of staff. In those cases, I always explain the reason for my visit, what promotion I am looking into and that the client wants to know how it is executed in the store. After that, they usually let me continue. Some stores do ask me to sign in with the service desk beforehand next time.

I am a perfectionist and pay close attention to detail. I always use the optional question at the end to add relevant information to the submission. I do sometimes have discussions with the Roamler team about my submissions, especially when the task description wasn’t clear to me. They always answer my questions. I feel connected to Roamler as a company, mostly because of the nice team!

What tasks do you like best?

Well, I sometimes perform tasks in Belgium, and they had a task at a cafeteria. In this task you had to take a photo of the menu and you had to order a snack. The reimbursement was included in the reward. I am a big fan of Belgian fries and this task allowed me to eat them for free!

A while ago I was at the airport and I wanted to get something to eat. But why pay for it myself? I checked the Roamler app and saw a Red Bull task which earned me €6,50.
I will be going to London soon, and now that there are no extra costs for roaming in the EU, I can easily perform some tasks there, too! I really like that.

Before, I always accepted Belgian tasks right before I crossed the border. I would then perform the task and submit it using McDonald’s WiFi. Without the roaming costs, it has become a lot easier to perform tasks in other countries.

Tasks in which I can reveal myself as mystery shopper are my favourite. I always like to have a chat with people, and it makes me feel useful. I can show the client how his promotions are executed and can make sure everything looks perfect.

Dannie is a bus driver in public transport and is studying law.

Do you still have time for Roamler? When do you perform tasks?

As a bus driver, I sometimes work split shifts. On a day like that I start at a quarter to seven and finish at half past nine. My next shift that day starts at half past two and ends at seven, so I haven’t got anything to do in between those shifts. Those are horrible days, they are very long but I only get paid for 6 or 7 hours, because I’m not working in the hours in between. That’s when I always perform Roamler tasks. I open the app and just start Roamlering.

Last summer I went to the beach and saw some tasks available at petrol stations nearby. I made an additional €60 that day, by not going home directly, but performing the tasks at all the petrol stations on the way home.

I always say: ‘there is money to be earned everywhere!’. There are Roamler tasks everywhere; whenever you have a bit of time to spare, you can always earn some money with Roamler.

Since April 2017 Dannie also performs Roamler Merchandising tasks. He has performed over 50 successful Roamler Merchandising so far. (Roamler Merchandisers have an extra set of tasks available for them, like setting up displays or mirrorings shelves. These tasks are not (yet) available in Sweden)

What is it about Roamler Merchandising that you like?

First of all, the diversity in tasks makes it fun to do Roamler Merchandising tasks. The rewards for these tasks are great too.

A while ago I was in a supermarket for Roamler Merchandising. I introduced myself and explained I was going to perfect the Red Bull fixture, to save them some time. ‘Facing up the products is important, but you won’t have time for that.’

The manager was surprised, but was really happy with some free help. And I just did what I had to do. At that moment you’re doing valuable work for Roamler and Red Bull. That alone is reason enough for me to perform Roamler Merchandising tasks. When you’re finished facing up, the fixture looks all nice again. The Roamler Merchandising tasks are all very rewarding, which motivates me.

I also enjoyed the Merchandising tasks in which we had to go to banks, take down old posters and put up new ones. At times like these you realise how brilliant the concept of Roamler is. The people at the bank don’t have much time to change the posters themselves, and I think it’s great Roamlers can do it for them.

Roamler really is a great company to work with. We all do fairly easy tasks, that benefit everyone: the client, Roamler, and the Roamlers!

We provide clients with the extra pair of eyes they need, and Roamler and their Roamlers earn money from that.

Ten Tips from Top Roamlers

Did you perform some tasks and eager to do more? Or are you a bit hesitant to perform your first task? Don’t worry, these 10 tips from Top Roamlers can help you perform more tasks and earn some extra money.

1. Read the task description

Make sure you know what you need to do before you go out to perform the task. That way there won’t be any surprises once you are in the store. The task description will give you a general overview of what you need to do in a task, show you images of the products you will need to take a photo of and explain what you need to do when a product is not there.

2. Perform the same task at multiple locations

For all projects, there are multiple locations that need to be visited. The task at hand is the same, only the location is different. If possible, perform the task at multiple locations. You will become faster at completing that specific task, and if you make a mistake, you won’t make the same mistake in following tasks.

3. You can always go back to the briefing of the task

If you forgot what the task is about, you can always return to the task description via briefing in the app. This is also where you can cancel your task once you realize you can’t perform the task after all.

4. Accept the task before you go out

Tasks are available for all Roamlers. So another Roamler might accept the task, just before you got to it. Also, some projects need a specific number of locations visited. Once that target has been reached, other locations disappear from the list.

These tasks might appear again as soon as one of those tasks is cancelled by the Roamler or rejected by the team. So accept the task before you go out to make sure, you are the one who can complete it.

5. Bookmark tasks you would like to do

You can bookmark tasks you would like to perform. A bookmarked task can still be accepted by another Roamler, so you won’t be able to perform it just by bookmarking it. Bookmarked task do show in a separate tab, making them easily accessible to accept once you have the time.

6. Check tasks in the map

The list of tasks in the task list, show the available tasks based on your current location. If you are going to travel for business or personal reasons, or if you are planning a trip to a relative; go to the map in the app (top right in the task overview) to check available tasks at your destination. You might be able to earn some money while visiting your family or friends.

7. Use the optional question

A task always ends with a last optional question. Don’t use it if you have nothing relevant to report, but definitely use it if it will clarify your submitted task. Give extra information if it is impossible to take a photo due to a large obstruction, explain why your answer didn’t match your photo or anything other out of the ordinary. Valuable data that might be relevant for the customer can be added here as well. If you don’t have anything to add, you can leave this last question empty. This Roamler puts it best:

Always give extra information. It can be the best way to get your task approved. Nothing worse than getting to a location submitting it then going home to find out you missed a point.

8. Take relevant photos

It might sometimes occur that you need to take a photo but you can’t take a photo of the item asked in the question. The best thing you can do is send us a relevant photo that gives the client valuable information, for example an empty shelve of the same brands or products. If you are asked to take a photo of two promotions and there is only one, you can take a photo of the same promotion from another angle or take an overview photo that shows there is no second promotion in the store for example. Never take a photo of the floor or your hand, the client is not interested in that.

9. Photos from left to right

Once you are asked to take a photo of a meter of shelves, take the following into account:

  • make sure the whole meter is in the photo; from top to bottom and the whole length of the shelves;
  • take the photos starting from left and continue to right with each meter;
  • make sure part of the products of the aside meters are included, so it is clear you have captured the whole meter.

Below you will find a perfect example of fully captured shelves, taking from left to right with parts of the products included so the photos ‘overlap’.


10. Just go for it!

Do it! Just go out and perform one task, and another one and another one. It is not as difficult, hard or even scary as you might imagine. You are often asked to act as a mystery guest. Know that it is not needed to dress up as a spy, just be the regular buyer you normally are in a supermarket. It’s possible that you are questioned by the store staff, but it does not happen often. As this Roamler states, it is a great way to discover new places.

Just get out there and Roam, it’s a great way to explore your surroundings, discover new shops, pubs and places whilst earning a bit of cash.

Så här utför du uppdragen i appen

The following blog post will be written in Swedish. This is due of the many tasks we have live in the app at the moment, to give you a full understanding on how to perform the task. Remember that we still want you to communicate in English in the app. Thank you and hope this will help you!
Ordering a free mixed drink
I det här uppdraget så vill vi att du ska först fråga bartendern om de har några rekommendationer för en drink med högre volym av alkohol. Nämn gärna att du vill att det ska vara en ‘mixad drink, som till exempel Gin Tonic.
Sedan i uppdraget hittar du en lista med olika drinkar som kallas “Perfect Serve” (tänk bara på att genom uppdragets gång inte nämna order Perfect Serve), lyssna noga om bartender nämner några av dessa. Om denne gör det, be om den drinken. Om denne inte gör det, beställ en valfri drink utifrån vår lista.
Kom ihåg att spara kvittot för vi kommer be dig fota det!
Medan bartendern förbereder drinken till dig, var uppmärksam på hur han/hon förbereder drinken, vi kommer att fråga dig några frågor angående hur bartendern gör drinken.
Innan du dricker drinken, ta en bild av den! (Viktigt!)
Till sist vill vi att du tittar på menyn (om det finns någon tillgänglig för att se vilka sorters sprit de har, fota av menyn. Sedan vill vi se vilka spritsorter de har i baren, och vill att du fotar dessa så gott det går.
För detta får du: Rewardet, plus vad drinken kostade, om det är en inträdesavgift betalar vi denna också om du tar kvittot och fotar av detta.

Find the campaign
Väldigt enkelt uppdrag för vad du tjänar för det!
Vi kommer att be dig leta efter en särskild kampanj i butiken som heter “Fyra personer 80kr“, du kommer att få tillgång till exempelbilder i uppdraget. Om du hittar kampanjen, fota den och svara på några frågor vad som finns tillgängligt vid kampanjen.
Om du inte hittar den, ta översiktsfoto över butiken.

Pharmacist Survey
I det här uppdraget vill vi att du först presenterar dig för apotekspersonalen, i uppdraget finns en liten introduktionstext på svenska vad du kan säga. Det finns också ett brev på svenska som du ska visa för apotekspersonalen, som visar att du har tillåtelse att göra uppdraget.
Sedan kommer du att fråga apotekspersonalen några frågor angående 6 olika hälsoproblem, dessa är också översatta på svenska i uppdraget och det finns exempelbilder som du kan visa.
Du kommer fråga vilken produkt apotekspersonalen rekommenderar vid de olika hälsotillstånden, och sedan hur stark deras kunskap är angående 6 olika produkter.
När du är färdig med detta kommer vi som en sista uppgift be dig att fota munhygiensavdelningen.
Viktigt i det här uppdraget är att du är väldigt lyhörd på apotekaren och situationen i apoteket. Om det är väldigt mycket folk medan du utför uppdraget kan det vara smart att komma tillbaka senare när det är mindre med folk, eftersom Apotekaren förmodligen inte kommer att ha tid att svara på dina frågor. Om apotekaren inte vill svara på dina frågor av olika anledningar, tacka denna för all hjälp och lämna apoteket. Du skickar sedan in uppdraget som att du inte hade tillåtelse att utföra uppdraget.

Soft drinks check
Detta uppdrag är också väldigt simpelt, om än i en mer känslig miljö (eftersom vissa locations kan vara små butiker, barer eller restauranger) så det gäller att du har dina bästa mystery shopping skills 😉 Vi vill att du letar reda på läskkylen i locationet, fotar detta och sedan svarar på frågan vilja märken du hittar i kylen. tex coca cola, fanta, sprite, osv.
Till sist vill vi att du tar en bild av platsen som du besökt. Klart!

Lycka till/good luck!

Benefit from a bigger community

Did you know the bigger the Roamler community is, the more you benefit from it? You didn’t? Well keep on reading then!
With a larget community we will be able to deliver the result to the client with a higher speed, this could result in more and larger projects — meaning more tasks for you to perform!

However, in some Swedish cities, there is not a lot of active Roamlers (see which cities below). This means that tasks in those cities are often not performed, missing an opportunity for both the client and a potential Roamler. This is where you come in!

Follow the easy steps below in order to benefit from the larger community, using your network to both give more task opportunities for yourself but also benefit from the kickback system!

If you have any questions about the Swedish Roamler community, kickbacks, tasks or how invites work — don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to master the pharmacy task

We’ve got good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that the Pharmacy task (in which you can earn a bonus reward for every 5th correctly performed submission) is almost coming to an end! The good news is that you still have time to perform as many as you want, because there are a lot of locations available for you to visit.

The task is easy to perform and, to make it clearer for you, we prepared a list of 6 STEPS on how to master it!

Remember the overview photo of the pharmacy’s entrance (facade).
Make sure the name of the Pharmacy is visible and legible.

Check if the first set of products we are asking for is available on the regular shelf (they will probably be situated in the Vitamins & Supplements section).

Be aware that these two products are not always next to each other; look carefully at all the shelves in this section to find them.

Take an overview photo of the entire shelf metre(s) containing the products, from top to bottom.

It’s possible to take a second optional photo. Don’t hesitate to use it!

Count facings

If two of the same product are visible next to each other on the shelf, count this as 2 facings. Easy ! 🙂

What if a product is placed on the shelf, but sideways? Count each visible package as HALF a facing. When you have two packages placed sideways, it means there is only 1 facing of the product.

Look for promotions on the regular shelf (it can be a badge showing “20% off the price”, for example)


Remember that this section in the task is divided in two parts:

– REGULAR SHELF – We’re asking you to check if the next set of products is available and how many facings they have on regular shelves only.

If a product is not found on the shelf, but is only available for the store staff behind the counter, do not count this as available on the shelf.
You will be asked to take max. 3 overview photos of the regular shelf metres containing footcare products, from top to bottom.

– PROMOTIONAL AREA/ SECONDARY PLACEMENT – This is when we ask you if you can spot any of the requested products in other (than regular shelf) areas of the pharmacy.

These areas can be: Checkout area, Window display, Gondola End, Other second placement/campaign area. If you find any of the products on second placements, take a photo of this. If you don’t, take an overview photo capturing as many second placements as possible in the pharmacy.

Smile! You probably did everything perfectly! 🙂

Below you can also look at the summary of the Pharmacy task so far. Do you know how many pharmacies you visited? 🙂

The creative Roamlers!

The app has been full of paid tasks lately, and you Roamlers are performing them like true Roamler pros. However, in the app, you can every day find a creative task, which is supposed to be fun and challenging for your everyday life. In this blog post we want to make a shout out to all the creative Roamlers, and promote our fun creative tasks!

International Cat Day

We can really see that our Roamlers prefers cat’s, as we got loads of cute photos like the ones you see above. Thanks, Liselott F., Kari L, Helena W & Anette J. for the photos!

Best t-shirt slogans

We asked you to take a photo of a t-shirt with a good slogan and you send us some really nice submissions. Thanks Razan A., Isabelle M. & Annica . for sending in these funny and sharp T-shirts!

Harry Potter – 20 years

The very famous wizard is celebrating 20 years this year, and we at Roamler wanted to see how big Harry Potter fans we had in the Roamler crowd. And indeed the Roamlers really know their Potter. We got some really nice submissions from Anna O., Kari L. and Maria M! If you still did not perform the task, it is still live in the app!

Find a rainbow

We asked you to go out and find a rainbow. So you did – and even more! Thank you, Jessica K., Helena W and Malin L for finding the rainbows in the everyday life!

International Dog Day

Let’s not forget mans best friend, that was celebrated on International Dog Day by you Roamlers. Some puppies needed a little treat to sit as a model. Thank you Jullietta S., Lisa S. and Jeanette M for sharing your furry little friends with us!

Every week we have a new creative task in the app, make sure to check them out and hope that these submissions above can inspire you!

Be a Roamler recruiter and reap the reward!

Thanks to you, and all the other Roamlers in Sweden, we have been able to get valuable data to our customers quickly! You have gathered information about products in supermarkets, flower shops and electronic stores in a speed that we are really impressed by. We would like to have even more tasks available for you and help our clients at lightning speed ­– for this, we need your help!

In some Swedish cities, there are not a lot of active Roamlers. That means tasks in those cities are often not performed, missing an opportunity for both the client and a potential Roamler.

You might ask: So how can I help getting more paid tasks in the app?

You can help by sharing the Roamler love and give other people the opportunity to earn some extra money in their city. Do you have a relative, friend or long-lost pal who would be interested in Roamler? Don’t hesitate to give them an invite so they can start earning money too!

That’s all good, but what’s in it for me?

If we can get results even faster across Sweden, clients will love and use Roamler even more. This way, there will be more tasks available for you.

But that’s not all. You will also benefit from inviting an active Roamler. If you recruit a Roamler, you will get a reward once that Roamler gets to level 2 and after that you will earn 2% for each paid task done by ‘your’ Roamler recruit.  Read more about it (yes, there are rules attached to this) in this blogpost.

This are the cities we are recruiting Roamlers!


























Roamlers top vlogs and smartphone games

It is not a surprise that Roamlers like to spend a lot of time on their smartphone. That was why we wanted to find out what else you do on your smartphone except using the Roamler app! In the creative tasks ‘Top Vlog’ we asked you to name one vlogger that you liked to get inspired or just entertained by, in ‘Favourite Smartphone Game’ we were curious to see which game app was the best one among Roamlers. You can find the result in the list below!

Smartphone games:                                    Vlogs:

Candycrush                                                           Yoga with Adriene

1010!                                                                       Niomi Smart

Pokemon Go                                                         SacconeJolys

8 Ball Pool                                                            The Michalaks

Angry Birds                                                          BFvsGF

Bejeweled                                                              SciShow

Clash of Clans                                                      Jocke & Jonna


A recap of Roamler Lingo

Sometimes it is good to refresh your memory on all the different things you need to remember in order to be a great Roamler. Some Roamlers asked if we could run through some of the terms we use, our “Roamler Lingo”. In Level 1, you learn to do many different things (when it is best to photograph in landscape mode for example) but also exactly what we mean by a shelf metre, and how to count the total number of shelves. Below is a picture which should make this clearer:

The numbers in the white dots indicate the number of shelves in one metre of shelving.

In the photo below you can see an example photo of a coffee section. The section is 3 shelf metres long. You can see this by looking at how the bottom of the shelf (shelf legs) is divided.

Sometimes it can be harder to tell because the gaps between the metres of shelving will be less noticeable. But often you will see some little details which show the change from one metre to the next. As long as you know what to look at, it gets easier and easier to see the different shelf metres.

For example, in the picture below, the differing heights of the two adjacent shelves show you where one metre ends and the next begins.

Hopefully, you are familiar with the term ‘Secondary Placement’ by now. If this a strange term for you, then you can see two examples of it in the photo below. The picture shows two different aisle ends with promotions. ouThe products are placed at the end of the regular shelves.

These products are often on promotion and the aisle ends are counted as a promotion place.

A secondary placement is when a product is presented, usually for an offer of some kind, in a unit that is not its normal place on the shelf. However,  secondary placements can often take different forms, such as at the end of an aisle (as you saw in the previous photos) or as a free standing unit.

Here are some examples of promotions in free standing units.

Now you hopefully have a refresh of our Roamler Lingo! Why not try your knowledge in the app straight away?
If you have any questions, please message us via the app or leave a comment below!

How to behave like a mystery shopper

You have probably seen this sentence in some of the Roamler tasks: The store is not informed about your visit, so please behave like a mystery shopper.

It may feel a little difficult to carry out mystery shopper tasks sometimes. However, if you are prepared both practically and mentally, it is not that difficult. Here are some tips and tricks.

First, do not worry so much to be ‘discovered’. In our experience, it is really rare that the store staff question Roamlers on performing their tasks. Just think about how many regular shoppers there are in a store! Staff will treat you like a regular shopper if you behave like a regular shopper.

Photographing with care – not a problem

Taking photos in a supermarket is not common (yet). It is a crowded place and does not have the best lighting. On the other hand, taking photos in ordinary places to put on Facebook, your Instagram account or share with your Snapchat friends is more and more common, so using the camera on your phone is seldom questioned.

When you do get questions from staff or other people, it is best to be flexible and creative. You can explain that you are taking a photo for your social media account and that you are making sure to not photograph other people. Some Roamler react with: “‘I thought this product looked nice; is it okay if I take a photo? I might come back later for it.”

If, at one point, you need to explain to someone what you are doing, you can explain that Roamler is a company that executes retail research. In the task description we also provide the contact e-mail address that you can give to supermarket employees if needed.

Tips from Roamlers

The best people to ask for tips are the most active Roamlers! So here are a few tips listed.

“If a staff member sees that you’re shooting and wonders what you are doing (which is quite rare), answer that you are writing an essay for school and are examining the range of different products for example. Prepare an explanation that feels comfortable for you!”

“It’s best to perform the tasks while doing your shopping, but if you are going to several stores in one day, you can take a shopping cart or basket to walk around in the store. “

“I sometimes walk around in the store with my earplugs in, so the sound of taking the photo cannot be heard. Taking a photo using the volume buttons instead of tapping the screen (on my iPhone) makes taking photos easier as well.“