The creative Roamlers!

The app has been full of paid tasks lately, and you Roamlers are performing them like true Roamler pros. However, in the app, you can every day find a creative task, which is supposed to be fun and challenging for your everyday life. In this blog post we want to make a shout out to all the creative Roamlers, and promote our fun creative tasks!

International Cat Day

We can really see that our Roamlers prefers cat’s, as we got loads of cute photos like the ones you see above. Thanks, Liselott F., Kari L, Helena W & Anette J. for the photos!

Best t-shirt slogans

We asked you to take a photo of a t-shirt with a good slogan and you send us some really nice submissions. Thanks Razan A., Isabelle M. & Annica . for sending in these funny and sharp T-shirts!

Harry Potter – 20 years

The very famous wizard is celebrating 20 years this year, and we at Roamler wanted to see how big Harry Potter fans we had in the Roamler crowd. And indeed the Roamlers really know their Potter. We got some really nice submissions from Anna O., Kari L. and Maria M! If you still did not perform the task, it is still live in the app!

Find a rainbow

We asked you to go out and find a rainbow. So you did – and even more! Thank you, Jessica K., Helena W and Malin L for finding the rainbows in the everyday life!

International Dog Day

Let’s not forget mans best friend, that was celebrated on International Dog Day by you Roamlers. Some puppies needed a little treat to sit as a model. Thank you Jullietta S., Lisa S. and Jeanette M for sharing your furry little friends with us!

Every week we have a new creative task in the app, make sure to check them out and hope that these submissions above can inspire you!

  • Haha, I love these pics, they make my day! Your dogs are so sweet. Where did you find them?
    Best Regards,
    Peter from

    • Linnea

      Hi! Aren’t they adorable? Our own Roamlers send in these photos of their dogs in our app. Are you not a Roamler yet? You can read more about what it means to be a Roamler here and also sign up to the app:
      Have a nice day! /Linnea