The Roamler team accepts the challege: Our workout routine

We always like to put you Roamlers up for a challenge, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to challenge us.  It all started back in September of 2016 when Level 3 Roamler Fanny L. challenged us to take a funny selfie with a hat. We dug deep in our closets to pass this challenge, you can read about the result here.

Next up we got challenged by the Roamler Anna-Sara S. to take 4 foot-selfies during a whole day. This let you Roamlers see what we did during a whole day from our point of view.  See what we did here.

For the third challenge, we had to reveal which book we were reading, and was a challenge from the Roamler Hannah Ö. This we published just before Christmas, so we hope we inspired you in your Christmas shopping. If not maybe you can find some potential birthday or Valentines presents here!

The fourth challenge we shared our favorite tunes with you, as a request from Roamler Ahmed J. We saw that the taste in music really differed within the Roamler team. You can read more about our favorite songs here.

As our fifth and final challenge we put on our trainers and got sweaty. Roamler Heli O. wanted us go get active and show what we did as a work out. Read what the team does to get fit below!

My new favourite way of working out is to trampoline in an Airhop! Here you can jump on endless amount of trampolines, play dodgeball and my favourite, to jump into  the spudge pool! It goes really fast, so fast that you can’t even take a sharp photo!

Working out for me is all about being outside and feeling strong and that my body can take a lot. This is why I love to mountain climb. It is hard to beat the feeling you get after hours of hard work to get to the top of the mountain. It also feels like a nice metaphor for life: to climb up is hard but after a while you can climb down again and then it is easier. At the end you knew you survived it. This photo is taken from a mountain in  Switzerland.

It’s a really poor picture from the gym but with a poor knee, my physio is the most important exercise. I’ve had plenty surgeries due to an accident and need to keep it up multiple times a week. Anyone who has ever been been forced to do physio for whatever reason or time period, knows how boring it is and how much willpower it requires. If you ask me, all Physio-regulars are frikkin’ heroes!

During the summers, i usually play 2-3 rounds of golf with either my parents or friends. I try to play a couple of rounds during the winter but the weather does not always allow it. It is way for me to disconnect from everything while spending a lot of time walking and enjoying company.

I enjoy taking long walks on the beach…and yes, I do realize that sounds like a bad personals ad! In reality, it doesn’t have to be on the beach, I just enjoy taking walks, period. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a city, the forest or just in our neighbourhood catching Pokémon!

Since I’ve become a real Dutchie the bike is like my left hand and this is the best way for me to get my daily exercise. I just really like the feeling when I’m jumping onto my bike and going around in the city. Amsterdam is a really beautiful city to bike in!

Thank you so much for being with us throughout these challenges. Let’s keep on challenging each other in the future!